Suicides soar as refugees grapple with COVID-19

Although suicide is a common issue in displaced settings, its increased prevalence among refugees in Kakuma illustrates a serious and growing problem, which needs urgent intervention through a multi-sector approach. Suicides have been reported in both Kakuma Refugee Camp and the new Kalobeyei settlement. In January, camp residents were shocked that three people (including menContinue reading “Suicides soar as refugees grapple with COVID-19”

Covid-19 Myths in Kakuma

March 2020 Covid-19 has not yet reached Kakuma camp, but misinformation is spreading rapidly. Given the lack of medical infrastructure in Kakuma, it is important that the community does its best to follow public health recommendations that can prevent the spread of the virus. However, misinformation leads people to undertake ineffective strategies, which can beContinue reading “Covid-19 Myths in Kakuma”

Kakuma refugees reluctant to wear masks, unable to maintain social distance

November 2020 Scientifically, it has been proven that wearing protective gear saves lives and that social distancing keeps the pandemic at bay. However, the residents of Kakuma and Kalobeyei have been reluctant to wear masks and keep their distance despite a surge in Covid-19 infections. The refugee community recorded the first positive case of Covid-19Continue reading “Kakuma refugees reluctant to wear masks, unable to maintain social distance”