Water Shortage in Kakuma Camp

April 2019 he Kakuma refugee camp has been hit by a shortage of water since January, forcing camp residents to wake in the middle of the night to queue with their jerricansat community water taps for morning collection. Although water shortages have become the norm during dry seasons, the current shortage is worse than usual.Continue reading “Water Shortage in Kakuma Camp”

Community App Built for Kakuma and Kalobeyei Refugees

July 31,2019 Refugees in Kakuma and Kalobeyei will soon have access to a new smartphone application designed to increase access to critical information despite high data costs and poor network coverage. RELAY is a community app developed by REFUNITE, an NGO that is best known for its use of phone technologies to reunite families separatedContinue reading “Community App Built for Kakuma and Kalobeyei Refugees”

Violent Robbery Interrupts Peace in Kakuma One

July 2019 At least three refugees sustained gunshot wounds while property of unknown value was stolen by armed night-time attackers  The incident was recorded on the night of July 7, 2019 at around 12:30am, when unidentified men armed with guns broke into a family’s house in Kakuma One (Zone 1, Block 4). The attackers damagedContinue reading “Violent Robbery Interrupts Peace in Kakuma One”

Community Radio Established in Kalobeyei Settlement

March 23,2020 REF FM, a new community radio for and by refugees in the Kalobeyei Settlement, is now ready to commence broadcasting for refugees and the host communities. Kalobeyei Settlement was launched in 2015 after the UNHCR and the Government of Kenya agreed to pilot a new approach to refugee protection by promoting the self-relianceContinue reading “Community Radio Established in Kalobeyei Settlement”

Five Dead, Many Injured in Communal Violence

Dec 2019 At least five people were killed in an inter-ethnic conflict in Kakuma Refugee camp that spanned at least 3 days. The conflict was sparked on the evening of December 10, 2019 during a football match between the South Sudan and Sudan football teams at Kakuma 3, Zone 2, Block 13. What started asContinue reading “Five Dead, Many Injured in Communal Violence”

7 dead as heavy rain pounds Kakuma Refugee Camp

November 2019 Seven people died in the Kakuma refugee camp after torrential overnight rains, with some swept away while crossing rivers, a zone leader in Kakuma 1 told KANERE. “On Friday the 22nd, we experienced heavy rains in camp. This rain washed away 8 houses that accommodated more than 60 non-accompanied minors,” explained the leaderContinue reading “7 dead as heavy rain pounds Kakuma Refugee Camp”

Kakuma refugees reluctant to wear masks, unable to maintain social distance

November 2020 Scientifically, it has been proven that wearing protective gear saves lives and that social distancing keeps the pandemic at bay. However, the residents of Kakuma and Kalobeyei have been reluctant to wear masks and keep their distance despite a surge in Covid-19 infections. The refugee community recorded the first positive case of Covid-19Continue reading “Kakuma refugees reluctant to wear masks, unable to maintain social distance”

Kakuma refugees predict improved resettlement if Biden wins

November 28,2020 Since Trump took the US Presidency in 2016, refugee issues have been heavily politicized not only in US, the global leader in refugee resettlement and humanitarian support, but also in most European countries, where locals have expressed xenophobia towards refugees and asylum seekers. The Trump administration claimed that they were restricting refugees fromContinue reading “Kakuma refugees predict improved resettlement if Biden wins”